Gabriele Dal Cengio

Full Stack Developer

Small React Projects

Multiple | May 2021 - Current

Redacted Tech Interview

tech interview gif
Adding of tags to students

This was a technical interview that took ~16 hours. I am not allowed to share the source code or the company name as it would jeopardize their interview process. In addition to practicing react best practices, I attempted to test via Jest unit testing after each new functionality.

weather clock gif
Searching by name and tag

Pulling fake student data from the company's API, the app can add tags to each student, display data, further display tag data and search via name, tag, or a combination of both. It was also the first time I used a react-based material UI.

Weather Clock + openweathermapAPI

weather clock gif
Functionality of weather clock app

This was a combination of a clock and weather app. This was to practice datetime objects, pulling via API, and using proxy servers to hide private keys to the public API.

To Do App

to do gif
Functionality of todo app

This is a simple to do app with checkboxes, notifications, adding via enter or add button, priorities and removal of items.

Tic Tac Toe Tutorial + Extensions

tic tac toe app
Functionality of tic tac toe app

Here is the finished tutorial from the react website with all the recommended extra functions implemented for further learning.