Gabriele Dal Cengio

Full Stack Developer

Alpha Mensae Publishing Inc.

Side Project | May 2021

alpha mensae home page
Landing page of Alpha Mensae Publishing Inc.


As a retirement plan, my dad intends on building a publishing company. Being his son with web development skills, it only made sense that I create it. After sitting down with him and understanding what he wanted, I began to build a few mockups to get an idea of what direction to go.

design mockups in figma
Early mockups exploring the overall theme.


Once he was okay with the mockups, I began to build the website with very vanilla html and css, nothing new. I included a child directory with a completely italian version that the user can switch to as per his request. I also used this as an opportunity to practice mobile-first design.

Once the website was done, I hooked up his GoDaddy domain to the AWS amplify service I was using to host his website. This was a first for me and went very smoothly, only taking about an hour.

What I've Learned

Overall, my dad is very happy with the website so I’m content with it as well. This project took about 3 days and nothing went horribly wrong. I learned to connect a static IP address to a domain purchased via godaddy and I’ve refreshed my skills on basic static website building. I've also learned a lot in the process of receiving client feedback. During the development, I met with my dad a few times to discuss what needs changes and what he didn't like. This was an iterative process and by interpreting feedback preoperly, I satisfied my client's requests. When the business is ready, I will upgrade this website into a fully dynamic website with microservices.

Here is the link to visit the website!